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How do we get the best results using curly hair conditioner?

You would think that taking care of your hair is a very easy thing. Things don't always seem simple at first glance. There are a multitude of products on the market and of course you are thinking, which product would be more suitable for your hair. Always when choosing a product you must take into account the type of hair and its particularities. The same rule applies when choosing hair conditioner. But before we see what conditioner is applied to what type of hair we need to understand what a conditioner is.
The conditioner is the second step in the process of "hair care" after shampooing. If the shampoo aims to remove dirt, the conditioner makes the hair softer, more manageable and also protects the hair against external factors.

1. Straight hair. If you have straight hair then you should choose a conditioner that gives volume. Do not try to use moisturizing conditioners, as they will make your hair heavier and leave it oily.

2. Wavy hair. Wavy hair is more difficult to care for, because in areas with high humidity it can be very electrified and in areas with very dry air it can be without "life". Although it is not as dry as curly hair, it is still necessary to use a conditioner to ensure the necessary hydration. However, avoid conditioners that contain ingredients that load the hair. Look for products that are intended exclusively for wavy hair or those that can be used for all hair types.

3. Curly hair. People with curly hair have drier hair, so they should choose conditioners that help moisturize the hair. Balms help fight frizz and untangle it. Look especially for conditioners dedicated to curly hair, because they contain ingredients suitable for this type of hair.

You can choose between rinsing balms or leave in balms, ie without rinsing. If you want to know more about balms without rinsing read the article our blog. 
There are also conditioners called "deep conditioning", which are actually hair masks, which should be used once a week or once every two weeks, especially if the hair is very dry or very damaged. These conditioners / masks for curly hair, in addition to helping to moisturize, give the hair the vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy hair. If you want to know more about chalk masks, read on the article our blog.
When choosing curly hair conditioner either with rinsing, without rinsing or deep conditioning / mask we must realize what exactly our hair needs: hydration or protein. Achieving a balance between these 2 elements results in healthy hair. 
If you have dyed hair, try to choose a conditioner, which helps protect the color. Although the water leads to discoloration, the balms that are mentioned are: “color safe,” “color extend,” “color care,” or sulfate-free to help retain color for a longer period of time.
For people with curly hair who face the problem of oily scalp it is advisable not to use a conditioner and if they still use one then they should not choose a conditioner that provides hydration but opt ​​for conditioners that contain the following mentions: "volumizing," "light , ”“ Strengthening, ”or“ balancing.
Regarding the way of applying the conditioner, we have to make a difference depending on the type of curls. If you have hair with thinner large curls then apply the conditioner from the middle of the hair to the tips, if you have small and thick curls then apply the conditioner close to the scalp to the tips.

Clay balm - Jessicurl

This curly hair conditioner contains shea butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, ingredients that are excellent for hair and scalp. It is a thick, moisturizing conditioner that does not load the hair and does not make it fat. Ideal for untangling hair. Daily hydration for dry curls.

Balsam par cret - Cantu

This curly hair conditioner contains shea butter and grape seed oil to nourish and moisturize dry hair. Does not contain sulfates, silicones.

This curly hair conditioner can be considered a treatment for all hair types, including dyed. Helps moisturize dry hair, fights frizz and makes hair much easier to handle. Contains shea butter, olive oil and keratin.

Curly hair conditioner Aloeba Daily - Jessicurl

It is an ideal conditioner for fine curly and wavy hair but also for straight hair, especially if it tends to load very easily. This conditioner contains jojoba, coconut, avocado and aloe vera oil and provides optimal hydration to your hair.

Balsam par cret - Cantu

This rinse conditioner from Cantu contains shea butter, honey, vitamin E, olive oil and flaxseed oil. All these ingredients nourish the hair and leave the hair soft. Using this conditioner helps to: healthy hair growth moisturize dry hair hair repair Does not contain silicones, paraffin, parabens, phthalates and mineral oils.

Hair conditioner for curly hair - Almocado

Say goodbye to electrified hair. Our conditioner contains castor oil, ideal for nourishing hair, coconut oil, rich in protein, avocado oil and provitamin B. All these ingredients will leave your hair soft, hydrated and easy to comb. It can be used for any type of curly hair, even chemically processed hair. Does not contain SLS and parabens. The amount is half a liter (500 ml).

This conditioner for dyed or dry hair moisturizes the hair and restructures the hair. The hair thus becomes soft, flexible and easy to comb. Wild blackberry extract is rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, C, E, PP), antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids, and coconut and castor oils moisturize and repair the hair.

This conditioner contains organic armor extract, which helps to intensely moisturize the hair. Siberian juniper organic extract strengthens the hair. It does not contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates.

This conditioner for oily hair contains mint hydrolate, birch extract, wormwood extract and retinol. Mint hydrate balances the sebum production of the scalp and provides freshness of natural duration and volume. Birch extract moisturizes, has a slight astringent effect and leaves hair soft and silky. Retinol (vitamin A) is essential for the care of hair prone to fattening, normalizing the balance of the scalp. Wormwood extract and zinc anti-dandruff complex soothe the scalp, moisturize the hair, give volume and prevent the formation of dandruff.