Which are the best products for natural curly hair?

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Before you start, we invite you to lower your forehead a little and forget about the problems you now have with your hair. your opinion on this video in which of course you will find yourself quickly :).
Curly hair is absolutely gorgeous but to maintain it, it requires some tips and tricks.
Fortunately at Zulufita Shop we know how to address the problem when it comes to natural curly hair. Here are some professional products perfect for curly hair.
Don't forget: You have the right to stay curly :)
This is why it is good to inform yourself, to try and discover what suits you personally best.
Choices and trials are often time consuming but once the optimal products are found it becomes very easy to obtain the result every time.

The best products for curly hair.

From where
to begin ?
Natural curly hair is usually drier and brittle. Highly dependent on weather conditions, it is quite difficult to maintain without the right products.
Being a hair sensitive to any change in temperature or humidity, (see here information about hair porosity). it is indicated to use products with the most organic content, with the most natural ingredients. Also the curls have several shapes, starting with light curls up to coils.
Curly hair can be classified according to his structure. Here you can find out more about type b curly hair care with professional products from Jessicurl.
On our blog you can also find useful information about type A curly hair care with products from the same brand.

"Pre - Poo" treatment for natural curly hair.

In any field full success can only be obtained by preparing carefully all steps.
Let's try a parallel to make things simpler:
A confectioner decorates a cake using chocolate as a decorative material.
The confectioner can give it any shape he wants. From his hands come beautiful shapes, true works of art.
But what does he do to get all these things?
Well ... it's simple, carefully prepare in advance the material you will work with, in our case chocolate. It is heated and prepared in such a way that it is soft to "sit" easily and take the desired shapes.

The same with natural curly hair.

Before washing it is recommended to do a preparatory treatment. This treatment is also known as "pree poo", meaning the treatment that the hair receives before effective shampooing
For a more effective treatment you can successfully use the curly hair oils from Jessicurl.
You can also consider using one Conditioner which will definitely help the hair to be hydrate, soft and flexible.
Spread the product along the entire length of the hair.
For optimal results leave the conditioner or oil in the hair for at least an hour. In this way the hair will be prepared for washing.
You can see below a clip about the Pre-Poo treatment.

I'm looking for a really good curly hair shampoo. Does it exist?

the right
You've probably heard of all sorts of care routines when it comes to curly hair. Of course they are useful and often give positive results.
But the same recipe does not work for everybody.
You have to try different approaches and realize what makes your hair look good and what helps you the most in getting the desired results.
Everything starts with the initial washing and cleaning, and here definitely a professional shampoo for curly hair with natural ingredients is necessary and will give positive results in a short time.
Take a quick look over our collection of shampoos for curly hair and you will definitely find a product that is right for you.
Don't forget to read the descriptions and indications very carefully. How to use it is also an important starting point.
There are also some products videos showing how to use it to help you make the right decision faster.
Now let's talk about some products that our customers have appreciated over time.

1) Shampoo for curly hair cu natural ingredients and exotic flavors African Citrus from Flora & Curl.

This shampoo for curly hair creates a creamy, invigorating foam without removing natural oils from the hair. It is enriched with vegetable proteins and sweet fruit oilsto strengthen and give volume and shine to dull hair. The natural mixture of plants from which come the surfactants derived from coconut, wheat proteins and revitalizing citrus oils will leave your hair clean, fresh, hydrated and good smelling.
Contains Aloe Vera, Moroccan argan oil and sweet almond oil that have a nourishing effect on the hair fiber. Protects, strengthens and moisturizes curls. The natural infusion of pure citrus oils, rich in vitamin C, regulates sebum secretion and restores scalp balance. It has a refreshing aroma.  
Does not contain: silicones, sulfates, artificial flavors, mineral oils and synthetic dyes.

African Citrus Curly Hair Shampoo - Flora & Curl

2) Clarifying Shampoo for all types of curly and wavy hair- Nappy Queen

This product is exceptional when it comes to delicate cleaning and care. Having a purifying effect, and containing provitamin B 5 It is suitable for all types of curly and wavy hair. Based on natural ingredients, it moisturizes and cleanses deeply. Does not dry the scalpWatch here a clip to see how to use and apply.

Curly Hair Shampoo - Nappy Queen

3) Shampoo for curly and wavy hair Hair Cleansing Cream - Jessicurl

When it comes to care for Caucasian curly hair (European) Jessicurl products are the best.
Here you can see presentation video of the brand.
Hair Cleansing Cream is a light cream that does not produce much foam In turn it moisturizes and gently cleanses the hair leaving it soft and silky . It is the ideal product for hair with thick and dry thread . Hair Cleansing Cream can be used successfully on dyed hair.
The product comes in two flavored variants Island Fantasy and Citrus Lavender.

Curly Hair Shampoo - Jessicurl

4) Pink Lemonade & Conconut curly and wavy hair shampoo - The Mane Choice

It is a shampoo for all types of curly hair. It is enriched with biotin, vitamins and nutrients, necessary for growing and maintaining healthy hair.
Thanks to these ingredients, this shampoo for curly hair offers the necessary balance between cleansing and hydration.
Improves hair elasticity and helps fight frizz. Makes foam.
If you strictly follow the curly girl method, this product is CG approved, due to its ingredients.

Sampon par cret si ondulat - The Mane Choice

 We help you choose the best conditioner for curly hair.

the perfect
When we are looking for the right conditioner for curly hair or wavy hair we get lost in the multitude of products that the market offers.
Thus the choice seems to become very easy, but we do not realize that in fact we did not choose the right conditioner for our hair.
As a known rule, the conditioner is used immediately after the hair has been washed with shampoo and is meant to restore hair hydration..
It untangles the hair, makes it much more flexible and gives it shine.
Conditioner is very important for all hair types but not every conditioner will be beneficial to your hair, so you need to inform yourself and find out which is best for you.

When you buy a conditioner for curly hair you need to see what the actual condition of your hair is.

 - Is it very frizzy?
 - Is it very dry with split ends or is it very oily and dull?

a) If your hair is very oily and dull, the best would be to skip using a conditioner, because it will load your hair and make it look worse.

We recommend you to watch our Jason product collection which helps to repair hair.

Of course you will also find conditioners that are also suitable for hair which gets greasy, but it must be used with caution.

What to avoid if you have such hair? Avoid curly hair conditioners that promise to moisturize your hair because they will not have the expected effect on your hair.

Look for conditioners that add volume or strengthen the hair.
These products do not moisturize as much but have the effect of reducing the tendency of hair getting greasy.

When applying the conditioner, be careful that it does not reach the scalp, the application starts from the middle of the hair and then rinse out.

Usually the hair gets greasy because the conditioner was not well rinsed.

If your hair is very fine and oily then use first the conditioner then the shampoo.

5 ) For oily and dull hair we recommend a Jason - Damaged hair conditioner

Thin To Thick Extra Volume Conditioner gives hair shine and volume.
Enriched with Biotin, Panthenol and vitamins C and E, it gives hair extra volume, helps healthy hair growth and at the same time protects the hair, leaving it much stronger and more elastic.  It acts against hair breakage.
Leaves hair healthy, shiny and with extra volume.  No parabens, no SLS, no phthalates.

Jason - Damaged hair conditioner

6) For damaged hair we have an effective remedy, namely Jason's Biotin Conditioner for hair strengthening.

Strengthens and repairs damaged hair.
The balm is created from protein, vitamin B 5 and enriched with marigold, chamomile and ginseng for revitalizing and improving hair dryness, helping to grow natural and healthy hair.
This conditioner rich in vitamin B 5 penetrates the hair and root well, thus providing long-lasting moisture, reduces the formation of split hairs and provides volume to the hair. The hair is left healthy, shiny and with maximum volume.
Ideal to be used for curly hair with thickening tendencies.

Jason - Damaged hair conditioner

7 ) The daily care that natural curly hair needs - Aloeba Daily Hair conditioner- Jessicurl.

Ideal for fine curly and wavy hair but also for straight hair, especially if it tends to charge very easily.
This conditioner contains jojoba, coconut, avocado and aloe vera oil and provides optimal hydration to your hair.

- Jojoba oil - protects the hair against the harmful action of the hair dryer and the hair plate
 - Coconut oil - stimulates hair growth, gives volume and shine
- Horsetail extract - repairs damaged threads
mint extract - moisturizes hair follicles to give a hair, smooth, soft and shiny

The product is available in two variants: Island Fantasy and Citrus Lavender.

Curly hair conditioner - Aloeba Daily - Jessicurl

8 ) Curly hair conditioner Pink Lemonade, ideal for all hair types - The Mane Choice

It is a conditioner for curly hair rich in vitamins and nutrients, which helps moisturize the hair.
It helps to untangle the hair, gives it shine and helps fight frizz.
Contains castor oil recognized for fatty acids and minerals essential for hair growth, vitamin E and aloe vera.

Curly Hair Conditioner - The Mane Choice

Styling products: Curly hair cream

the perfect
hair cream
Hair cream for curly or wavy hair offers the needed moisture, defines curls and gives hair hold.
It does not have the same level of fixation as a hair gel for curly hair. Therefore, if you have wavy hair you should use both hair cream and hair gel.
It is recommended to apply curly hair cream on wet hair to get a very good definition of curls.
Avoid applying cream to the roots, as it may weighten the hair. Try to apply the cream on the entire length of the hair.

9 ) Curly hair cream Twist & Twirl from Almocado

This curly hair cream is the ideal product for definition and hydration.
Contains aloe vera, which helps strengthen hair, coconut oil, which gives the hair volume and shine, castor oil, which contains fatty acids and a variety of minerals essential for hair growth and last but not least sweet almond oil, which nourishes the hair.
Due to its ingredients, this cream for curly hair can also be used as a mask. Apply the product on freshly washed wet hair, cover with a cap and leave on for about ten minutes. Then rinse.

Curly hair cream - Twist & Twirl - Almocado

10 ) Curly hair cream Coco Curl from Almocado

The ideal cream for curly hair with high porosity.
Organic cocoa butter is one of the best natural ingredients available. This makes Coco Curl the perfect moisturizer for dry hair.
Coco Curl is hand-blended and specially created to provide the ideal balance between moisture, protein and nutrients, leaving you with lovely and soft curls.

Crema par cret - Almocado

11 ) Curly hair cream  Confident Coils from Jessicurl

Cream for curly and wavy hair Confident Coils is a product with a creamy texture, which amazingly defines curls and provides excellent protection against moisture. I mean zero frizz.
It is not a product that helps to curl the hair, which makes it great for hair with thick curls.
It is a CG approved product due to its ingredients.

Crema par cret - Confident coils

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