Ten Tips for a seductive wavy hair 

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Wavy Hair - What do we do with it?

Wavy hair, called in English and "wavy hair" is perhaps the most ignored type of hair, because it is often confused with straight hair.
Why this? Because wavy hair is attached to the scalp and has the shape of an S, which can be more defined or very long.
It often happens that the first curl appears only after the hair exceeds the length of the shoulder.
If the hair is very short you may not even notice that the hair is wavy and if the hair is combed daily, dry with a hair dryer then the hair looks straight.
Maybe you noticed that in summer the hair tends to be more wavy, while in winter it looks straight? There is no problem, there are solutions for this as well.
Wavy hair changes its texture very often. One day it may look very defined, but if you catch it in the tail and do sports in a few days, it looks straight. It is often seen on wavy hair and the fact that one part looks very good, is defined and another part has frizz and does not look at all.
Sounds familiar? Do not despair. If you follow the tips below you will see results in time.
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Wavy hair

Use a shampoo for wavy hair

The first rule is to use a sulfate-free wavy hair shampoo. 
As you may know, sulfates are cleansing agents that cleanse the scalp and hair of impurities. Unfortunately, many shampoos contain very harsh cleansing agents that dry the hair. Dry hair goes hand in hand with frizz, another problem of wavy hair.
If you are a person who washes his hair daily or practices sports then it would be advisable to use a cowash. Cowash is a type of balm with cleansing properties, which does not foam at all and contains many natural ingredients. It is indicated for very dry hair and hair with high porosity. 
Wavy hair is usually easily tangled from the styling products used. That's why you need a wavy hair shampoo with a higher cleaning power. Wavy hair shampoo produces little foam because it contains cleaning agents. It does not dry the hair and helps to clean it, being indicated for people who have hair with normal or low porosity. 

Bounce Curl - Cowash

We know that hair with high porosity is very dry, very electrified and tangles very easily. The cowash from Bounce Curl is the solution. It is a 2 in 1 product: shampoo and conditioner.

Wavy Hair Shampoo - The Mane Choice

This shampoo for wavy hair from The Mane Choice contains ingredients that moisturize the hair, gently cleansing it and helping to reduce hair electrification. Green tea extract and vitamin D help protect hair, leaving it shiny. No parabens, sulfates and silicones.

Wavy Hair Shampoo - Curls

Wavy hair shampoo So Clean contains vitamin A, B1, B6 and C, moisturizes and cleanses the scalp and hair. Vitamin C helps hair growth, strengthens hair, reduces hair loss and helps produce sebum. Contains protein. It does not contain sulfates, parabens, silicones.

This sulfate-free shampoo contains shea butter, grape seed oil and avocado oil. Nourishes the hair, helps prevent hair breakage and promotes healthy hair. Deeply cleanses hair by removing dirt and product buildup.

Choose a conditioner for wavy hair

As in the case of shampoo, when choosing a conditioner for wavy hair, try to choose a product with as many natural ingredients and as few chemicals as possible. When applying the conditioner on wet hair, avoid applying it from the root, but apply from the middle of the hair down. If you apply conditioner to the root, the hair may be too close to the scalp. If you notice threads at the root, which go in all directions, apply conditioner on your fingertips and gently pass over those threads.
Run your fingers through the hair from the root to the tips and then squeeze the hair into your palms. This will help the formation of curls. Then rinse the conditioner from the hair and when you rinse it again squeeze the hair in your palms, like in a cup.

Wavy Hair Conditioner - Cantu

This balsam for wavy hair contains shea butter, grape seed oil and avocado oil to nourish and moisturize dry hair. Does not contain sulfates, silicones.

Wavy Hair Conditioner - The Mane Choice

This balsam for wavy hair is rich in vitamins and nutrients, which help moisturize the hair. It helps to untangle the hair, gives it shine and helps fight frizz. It is ideal for all hair types.

Wavy Hair Conditioner - Aunt Jackie's

This balsam For wavy hair can be considered a treatment for all hair types, including dyed. Helps moisturize dry hair, fights frizz and makes hair much easier to handle. Contains shea butter, olive oil and keratin.

Wavy hair conditioner Aloeba Daily - Jessicurl

Is a balsam ideal for fine curly and wavy hair but also for straight hair, especially if it tends to load very easily. This conditioner contains jojoba, coconut, avocado and aloe vera oil and provides optimal hydration to your hair.

What styling products for wavy hair to choose?

After shampooing your hair and applying the conditioner, the most important method follows, the squish to condish method. What does this method entail? Holding your head down, run your fingers or comb through your hair, rarely through your hair. Apply a small amount of leave conditioner on your hair and with your palms full of water start squeezing your hair into your palms until the frizz is removed and the hair takes the form of well-defined curls.
Then lower your head and with a towel or cotton T-shirt squeeze the hair in the palms, as in a cup and remove excess water from the hair.
But be careful! Some styling products must be applied to very wet hair. If you want the hair not to stick to the root, you can apply some clamps to the hair root before drying to lift it. When you dry your hair, try to dry it upside down using a speakerphone or let your hair dry freely.
Let's talk now about styling products for wavy hair. First of all, you should use some products to encourage the formation of curls / curls. These can be creams, sprays, gels or foams.
If you are wondering how to take care of your wavy hair on the second or third day after washing, we have good news for you. Moisten your hair, lower your head and scrunch. This will reactivate the hair gel. You can also use sprays to revitalize curls and curls.

Wavy Hair Gel - Curls

Wavy hair gel So So Def contains vitamin A, B1, B6 and C moisturizes and defines curls. Vitamin C helps hair growth, strengthens hair, reduces hair loss and helps produce sebum.

Wavy hair gel - Cantu

This gel for wavy hair gives an ideal level of fixation and without leaving that crusty sensation. Shea butter and grape seed oil moisturize and define the hair. 

Wavy hair gel - Activilong

Wavy hair gel Sculpting Control it is enriched with argan and shea oil, which nourishes the hair and glycerin to keep it hydrated. It is also ideal for shaping hair. This gel does not dry the hair due to its alcohol-free formula. Due to its versatile formula, this gel can be used with other products and leaves no residue.

Wavy hair cream - Cantu

Do you want voluminous hair without frizz? Then try the curl activating cream from Cantu enriched with shea butter, grape seed oil, olive oil and aloe. It moisturizes the hair and helps define curls.

Wavy spray - Jessicurl

Is a spray for curly and wavy hair, ideal for invigorating curls. Revitalizes the styling products you have already used, thus obtaining refreshed curls, without creating a sticky hair sensation.

Wavy Hair Cream - The Mane Choice

This sherbet from The Mane Choice it is ideal for defining curls and combating frizz. Contains antioxidants that protect the hair against external factors.

Wavy Hair Foam - Aunt Jackie's

Does frizz bother you? Ready! Curly hair mousse from Aunt Jackie's he is your guardian angel. This foam has a very light texture and after use leaves the hair well defined and shiny. Contains grape seed oil, which gives shine and tamanu and jojoba oil provides the necessary hydration. It does not load the hair and can be used for any type of curly hair. Contains protein.

Wavy Hair Foam - Aunt Jackie's

Do you want soft, well-defined curls without frizz? This one foam for curly hair it contains ingredients such as babassu oil, buriti, muru muru and copaiba that offer a hydration and definition of curls. Free of parabens, alcohol, sulfates, mineral oils and synthetic dyes.

Which mask or treatment for wavy hair to choose?

Wavy hair mask - Cantu

Mask treatment from Cantu repairs damaged hair due to its ingredients such as shea butter, grape seed oil, jojoba, almonds and olives. Thus the hair regains its vitality and the curls return to their original shape.

Wavy hair mask - Shea Moisture

Curly hair mask from Shea Moisture helps hair regain hydration and shine. It is a faithful ally against hair electrification. The loops regain their definition.

Wavy hair mask - Curls

If you have dry and damaged hair, try this masca for curly hair. It contains vitamin A, B1, B6 and C, ingredients that leave hair soft, healthy. Contains protein.

Hair mask - Hey Poa

Enriched with monoi oil, it masca intensively nourishes dry, damaged and brittle hair. A real treatment, repairs and strengthens the hair fibers, protecting the hair against breakage. Nourished and repaired, the hair regains its softness and shine. The hair remains fragrant with the sweet aroma of coconut water.

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