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5 simple steps for curly hair care for men!

Curly hair
Besides the multitude of ladies with curly hair, there is also a multitude of gentlemen with curly hair. But many do not know how to take care of this type of hair.
In fact, it is very simple. You need to follow the same care routine as the ladies.
As you know curly hair tends to be dry, which means that hydration is very important when caring for curly hair.
That is why the porosity of the hair plays a very important role. To find out more about hair porosity read on the article our blog.

1. Use a shampoo for curly or wavy hair

Clarifying Shampoo
for curly hair
or wavy
The first rule for caring for curly hair is to avoid washing your hair daily with shampoo. This can cause hair to dry out as the scalp's natural oils are removed.
If you still do sports and have to wash your head daily, use a cowash, ie a conditioner, which can be used for washing hair.
Washing the head only with a cowash conditioner can cause build-up over time, ie accumulation of products on the hair, so it is advisable to incorporate in the routine of care and the use of a shampoo. For example. 6 days you can use cowash and on the 7th day the hair is washed with a shampoo.  
Another important thing is to use a shampoo without sulfates, especially without sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).
These 2 surfactants are among the harshest cleaning agents, which remove the hair's natural oils and cause it to dry out. And dry hair is prone to electrification (frizz).
If you want to know more information about which curly and wavy hair shampoo to use, read this article.
If you want to opt for a solid shampoo, find out here more information.

2. Use a curly or wavy hair conditioner

for curly hair
or wavy
In addition to the sulfate-free shampoo, you must use a conditioner for curly or wavy hair. The conditioner gives the hair the hydration it needs. You can choose between a conditioner for curly and wavy hair with rinsing, leave in (without rinsing) or milk for curly hair.
If you want to know more about which conditioner without rinsing suits you you can read the article our blog.
If you need a deep conditioning treatment or a mask you can try the 4 products for curly or wavy hair presented below.
Deep Conditioning is a balsam for curly hair from Jessicurl, a moisturizer that does not load the hair and is really the ideal formula to rehydrate curly and dry hair. Apply on clean and damp hair, comb and leave on for 30-60 minutes. You can use heat for more intense hydration. Rinse and style as usual.
Masca for curly and wavy hair from Secrets de Loly contains aloe vera, macadamia extract, jojoba, glycerin, vitamin B5 and rose and grapefruit oils. Vitamin B5 nourishes, repairs and strengthens hair fiber. Suitable for all hair types. Ideal for those with dry hair and tendencies to break. The hair becomes soft and easy to comb.
Masca for curly and wavy hair from Almocado contains castor oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, vitamin B, helps to untangle hair and leaves it soft and hydrated. Can be used for all hair types.
ActiFORCE from Activilong is a mask for curly hair, rich in vegetable proteins, which regenerates the hair from the root to the tips. The ideal product for hydration.

Balsam par cret - Jessicurl
Masca par cret si ondulat - Les Secrets de Loly
Masca par cret si ondulat - Almocado
Masca par cret  - Activilong

3. Cream for curly or wavy hair
a "must have".

for curly hair
or wavy
After applying the conditioner, curly hair milk or mask, the next step is to apply a cream to define the curls.
But pay attention to the ingredients that some creams contain. If you have hair with low porosity, avoid creams that contain e.g. shea butter. They load the hair and the result will not be the desired one.
Cream for curly or wavy hair Confident Coils from Jessicurl is a product with a creamy texture, which amazingly defines curls and provides excellent protection against moisture. It is not a product that helps to curl the hair, which makes it great for hair with thick curls. For people who have large curls, use this product together with Rockin 'Ringlets it will give them the definition and protection against the hair electrification they need.
Cream Coco Curl from Almocado it is ideal for curly hair with high porosity.
Organic cocoa butter is one of the best natural ingredients available. This makes Coco Curl the perfect moisturizer for dry hair.
Almocado also provides us with cream Twist & Twirl. This cream contains coconut oil and mango butter and is ideal for defining and moisturizing curls at the same time. It can also be used as a hair mask.
Cream Acticurl Hydra Whipped Cream from Activilong it is ideal for wavy, curly and afro hair that lacks hydration and definition.
You can also try curly hair cream Curl Sculptor of the Mixed Chicks. This cream contains provitamin B5, which leaves hair soft and hydrated. It is a cream that helps define curls and does not load the hair.
Do you want to fight hair electrification? Use cream from The Mane Choice. It contains antioxidants, which protect the hair against external factors and is also suitable for defining curls.

Crema par cret si ondulat - Jessicurl
Crema par cret si ondulat - Jessicurl
Crema par cret si ondulat - Almocado
Crema par cret Twist&Twirl - Almocado
Crema par cret si ondulat - Activilong
Crema par cret - Mixed Chicks
Crema par cret - The Mane Choice

4. Gel or other styling products
which helps fight frizz.

In addition to the cream, you can also choose to use a gel or a serum, which helps to combat hair electrification and to define curls.
Curly hair gel Sculpting Strength from Activilong, enriched with olive and avocado oil is ideal for shaping hair. This gel does not dry the hair due to its alcohol-free formula.
serum Nappy Queen for curly hair it strengthens the hair fiber and restores its resistance and shine due to its natural ingredients. It also stimulates hair growth due to the action of jojoba oil.
gel Acticurl Hydra for curly hair it is the perfect solution for long-lasting fixation and definition of curls.
The hair becomes shiny, does not electrify and this gel does not dry or thicken the hair.
You can also try the curly hair gel from Mixed Chicks. Scest gel does not leave the sensation of crust and helps to define curls.
Are you looking for an ally against hair electrification? Use the serum Acticurl from Activilong, which fights frizz and defines curls. It can be used on both wet and dry hair.

Gel par cret si ondulat - Activilong
Ser par cret si ondulat - Nappy Queen
Gel par cret si ondulat - Activilong
Gel par cret - The Mixed Chicks
Ser par cret - Activilong

5. Men's curly hair care routine.

Routine of
First of all, avoid combing dry hair. Hair should be combed when wet using a brush or a special comb or even your fingers. Also use a microfiber towel to remove excess water from the hair. Regular towels cause frizz. Also avoid using the hair dryer as it causes electrification of the hair. If you still want to use a hair dryer, use a speaker.
In the case of refreshing the curls on the second or third day, the routine is very simple. Moisten your hair and use a hair milk and / or a styling product. Then dry your hair with a speaker dryer.
Watch the video below to see a men's care routine using curly and wavy hair products from Jessicurl.

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