What curly hair products type 2A can we use from Jessicurl

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    Type 2A hair is wavy but very fine, which makes it stretch if we use too many styling products. That is why it is not advisable to use products that load the hair.

    Jessicurl recommends using the following products:

    Shampoo by chalk - Jessicurl

    It is an ideal shampoo for curly but fine hair. It does not contain sulphates or other hard cleaning agents.

    Clay balm - Jessicurl

    Curly hair conditioner containing shea butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil and many wonderful spices and condiments, which are excellent for hair and scalp.

    Spray by chalk - Jessicurl

    This curly hair spray defines and provides hair care. It is used on wet hair.

    Cream by chalk - Jessicurl

    This curly hair cream is a product with a creamy texture, which amazingly defines curls and provides excellent protection against moisture.


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