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The conditioner is indispensable for curly hair

Whether you love your curls and try all the possible tricks to highlight them or dedicate every free moment to mastering your naravas hair, we are convinced that you need a product to "fight" and be victorious in any circumstance: The balm.
Choosing the balm is not always easy and of course the ideal recipe does not "appear" from the first try. That's why at Zulufita Shop we thought of presenting you the collection with the best conditioners for natural curly hair.

The most important role of the natural textured hair conditioner is: HYDRATION

Natural textured hair, whether wavy, curly or kinky, tends to be drier than other hair types. That is why hydration is indispensable. This is obtained using a quality conditioner that provides all the nutrients your hair needs.

What are the most popular types of natural curly hair conditioner?

  1. Leave in conditioner - without rinsing

    As the name suggests, you guessed it: It is a product that can be applied to the hair without the need for a previous wash. Its role is to permanently moisturize the curls and keep them in shape. Below we quickly recommend a list of ideal conditioners for optimal curly hair care:

    Leave in conditioner for curly hair - Mixed Chicks

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  2. Rinse conditioner

    Before applying the conditioner, it is necessary to wash the hair beforehand. It is important to roughly wash the hair to obtain optimal results. After washing, remove excess water from the hair. Apply the conditioner on the hair paying special attention to the tips. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse.

    Rinse conditioner for curly hair - Flora and Curl

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  3. Balsam co wash

    Co wash conditioner is used between washes. If for various reasons you no longer have time to wash your hair and you really need to use a conditioner, then co wash conditioner is the right help. Cowash balm also has immediate moisturizing and cleansing actions.

    Cowash Hydra Drench - Bounce Curl

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  4. Milk for curly hair or leave daily

    It is also a type of leave conditioner that can be used daily to refresh curls. The balm recommended by us below is Curly Girl Approved. It has the ideal ingredients to follow the Curly Girl routine.

    Curly Hair Milk - Les Secrets de Loly

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