Curly hair products without sulfates and silicone

What are sulfates?

We invite you to quickly read the lines below to discover the benefits of products without sulfates, silicone and parabens. So what are the most important roles of sulfates?

Deeply cleanses the scalp and hair

Sulfates are surfactants, ie cleaning agents, used in hair cleaning and care products such as shampoos, shower gels, etc.

Removes natural oils from hair and protein.

Along with the beneficial cleaning action come some disadvantages. andIn the case of colored hair, it causes its discoloration as well as accentuated drying. In some cases they can even cause irritation of the sensitive scalp, and the skin around the eyes and face. In the case of curly hair, it becomes dry, which is contraindicated, knowing that natural curly hair needs a lot of hydration.

What is the role of silicone?

Many hair care products also contain silicone. It has beneficial actions such as:

Protect the hair

Silicones act to form a protective film around the hair. For example, it helps to provide good weather protection. It also stops the frizz to some extent.

Gives shine to hair

From an aesthetic point of view, silicone helps to improve the image of the hair. Shiny and silky hair always catches the eye.

The Curly Girl method excludes products that contain silicone

If you have just started applying the Curly Method to highlight your textured hair, either curly or wavy, you have probably found out that in the application of this method, silicone-based products are excluded.

Silicone prevents deep hydration

Curly hair needs a lot of hydration. Silicone creates a waterproof film around the hair thus preventing hydration. That's why silicone-containing products are often avoided by people with naturally textured hair.

Over time, silicone makes hair difficult, making it lifeless

Excessive or even regular use of silicone-containing products makes hair difficult, creating that loading session. The hair becomes lacking in volume and difficult to comb. In the end, the only solution to get rid of excess silicone is to wash with shampoos with strong cleaning agents such as sulfates, which is again not accepted in the curly girl method.