Top shampoos for curly hair in 2020

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Which shampoo for curly or wavy hair suits me?

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How many articles have you not read, how many opinions have you not heard about the shampoo for curly and wavy hair that you should choose.
Everyone talks about curly girl approved products, cowash, low poo, no poo, without silicones, sulfates, parabens and other ingredients, so when you have to choose a product you are in a big dilemma.
Not to mention, the most important thing you need to determine is the porosity of your hair. read This article helps you to find out more about the porosity of your hair.
And now that you have found out how porous your hair is, it's time to find out what shampoo suits you.

Shampoo for curly hair. How many types are there?

Types of 
curly hair
When we talk about the types of shampoo for curly hair we must distinguish between: cowash, no poo, low poo and shampoos such as "clarifying" or "purifying".
The difference between them is given by the ingredients they contain but also by their cleansing and moisturizing power.
The ingredients they contain are also important. Ideally, we should look for shampoos that do not contain silicones, parabens, phthalates, sulfates and that contain as many natural ingredients as possible.

Conditioner for curly or wavy hair. Cowash. What is it ?

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 Cowash is a type of balm with cleansing properties. It does not foam at all and contains many natural ingredients. Because it does not foam, it does not remove the natural oils from the hair.
It is indicated for very dry hair and hair with high porosity. 
It can also be used by people who practice a lot of sports and who want to wash their hair daily, without fearing that it will become greasy.
But if you have thin and fine hair, this type of curly hair shampoo may not be the best choice, because it can leave your hair greasy and dull.
If you are trying this technique for the first time, it may take some time for your scalp to adjust to the new type of wash. At first it may even look more greasy.
Try to use it first at least once a week.
There are pros and cons to this technique. Among the benefits of cowash is the fact that it does not dry the hair, acting as a treatment. Also, hair can be easier to style.
On the other hand, we can mention that there are cases in which the scalp does not remain clean, developing a strange smell. 
Try cowash from Activilong. 
It contains extracts from dragon fruit, fruit rich in omega five, those fatty acids that maintain healthy hair. Contains aloe vera, which helps strengthen hair and vegetable glycerin, which helps maintain hair hydration.

Balsam par cret cowash

What is a curly hair shampoo - no poo?

No poo shampoo for curly hair does not produce foam at all and contains many natural ingredients. Like cowash, no poo shampoo for curly hair
is indicated to be used for people with very dry hair and hair with high porosity. It does not remove essential oils from the hair and helps to hydrate it.

No poo shampoo for curly hair Curl Cleanser - Boucleme 

Test the no poo shampoo for curly hair from Boucleme. This hair shampoo has a creamy consistency that cleanses the hair without dehydrating it. Contains coconut oil, argan oil and aloe vera oil very beneficial for hair.

Sampon pentru par cret no poo

No poo curly hair conditioner Pink Paradise - Secrets de Loly

You can also try the conditioner from Secrets de Loly. It is a rinse conditioner that can also be used as a no poo shampoo. Contains aloe vera, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and provitamin B five, all nutrients needed for healthy hair.

Balsam pentru par cret no poo

What is a curly hair shampoo - low poo?

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 Low poo curly hair shampoo produces little foam because it contains cleaning agents. It does not dry the hair and helps to clean it, being indicated for people who have hair with normal or low porosity as well as those who have fine or wavy hair.
This type of hair gets easily weighted down from the styling products used. That's why you need a shampoo for curly hair with a higher cleaning power.

Low poo shampoo for curly hair Hair Cleansing Cream - Jessicurl

Jessicurl has this low poo shampoo in its range Hair Cleansing Cream. This shampoo for curly hair does not produce much foam but cleanses the hair without dehydrating it. It is recommended for people with thick and very dry hair, as well as people with dyed hair.

Sampon pentru par cret low poo

Low poo shampoo for curly hair Cream Shampoo - Flora & Curl

If you want to try a low poo shampoo with honey extracts then Flora & Curl has the answer for you. Shampoo Organic Rose & Honey comes in the form of a cream that gently cleanses the hair but at the same time moisturizes it due to its ingredients such as organic rose water and honey.

Sampon pentru par cret low poo

Low poo shampoo for curly hair Perfect Clean - Secrets de Loly

You can also try the shampoo for curly hair Perfect Clean from Secrets de Loly. This shampoo is ideal for all hair types, does not make a lot of foam but cleans delicate hair due to its apple extract.

Sampon pentru par cret low poo

Low poo shampoo for curly hair Acticurl Hydra - Activilong

Activilong brings us the shampoo for curly hair Curl Acticurl Hydra a product that contains dragon fruit extracts, vegetable glycerin and aloe vera. It can be used for all hair types but is ideal for wavy hair.

Sampon pentru par cret low poo

Shampoo by cret low poo - Nappy Queen 

This shampoo for curly hair from Nappy Queen gently cleanses the hair, while maintaining its hydration level.
It gives dry hair elasticity and vitality and also helps to untangle it.
Contains cotton extract, which strengthens hair and gives it shine, avocado oil and jojoba, which helps moisturize it. No sulfates, parabens, mineral oils.

Sampon par cret - Nappy Queen

Clarifying chalk hair shampoo

What is a
If we had to follow exactly the Curly Girl method, then we should completely remove the shampoo and wash our hair only with a cowash product or other alternative methods. But many people, especially those with greasy hair, low porosity or wavy hair, have found that giving up shampoo is not the best solution for their hair.
If the scalp and hair are not cleaned regularly with products that contain cleansing agents, we may find that over time the hair becomes greasy, irritations, itching, including dandruff, occur.
Clarifying curly hair shampoo contains cleansing agents that do not attack the hair but clean it deeply. It is recommended for all hair types to use such a shampoo at least once a month. Depending on the hair, it can be used even more often.
Signs that you need to use a clarifying curly hair shampoo:
One) You have hair with low porosity or fine hair - hair with low porosity is packed very quickly from styling products, especially oils, creams
Two) You practice swimming - water contains chlorine or salt
Three) Your hair is lifeless, dull, dry
Four) You use oils or products that contain shea butter
Five) After washing your hair your hair does not feel clean
Six) The scalp is irritated, itchy, dandruff or white residue on the hair
Seven) You have greasy hair even if you used a cowash or low poo product
Eight) You live in an area with high water hardness
Nine) The products you use no longer work

Curly Clarifying Hair Shampoo - African Citrus - Flora & Curl

Curly hair shampoo African Citrus  is a cleansing product that can be considered an alternative to traditional clarifying shampoos. Creates an invigorating foam with refreshing citrus aromas that cleans the hair without dehydrating it. Contains Aloe Vera, argan oil and sweet almond oil that have a nourishing effect on the hair fiber.

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Clarifying curly hair shampoo Gentle Lather - Jessicurl

Curly hair shampoo Gentle Lather  creates an invigorating foam, without leaving the hair dry after use. It is not as moisturizing as the Hair Cleansing Cream and does not load fine hair. If you think that Hair Cleansing Cream shampoo is too moisturizing then Gentle Lather is the solution for you. It is an alternative to traditional clarifying shampoos.

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Curly hair shampoo Clarifying Shampoo - Nappy Queen

Nappy Queen Clarifying Shampoo is a shampoo for all types of curly hair, which deeply cleanses the hair, removing residues left by gels or other styling products. Ideal for wavy hair and low porosity hair. If you have lifeless, dull hair due to the accumulation of oily products, even if you wash daily with a cowash or a low poo shampoo or use products that contain oils / butter then this is the right shampoo for you.

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Curly hair shampoo Pink Lemonade & Conconut - The Mane Choice

Pink Lemonade & Coconut is a shampoo for all types of curly hair. It is enriched with biotin, vitamins and nutrients, necessary for growing and maintaining healthy hair.
Thanks to these ingredients, this shampoo for curly hair offers the necessary balance between cleansing and hydration.
Improves hair elasticity and helps fight frizz. Makes foam.

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