Curly girl products approved Romania - Curly Girl Method

The products in this collection are curly girl approved and can be used successfully in applying the curly girl method

We invite you to view our collection of CG Approved products and you will surely discover the right products for your Curly Girl routine.

What are the main features of Curly Girl Approved products?

No silicone

Silicone-containing products are contraindicated in the routine of curly or wavy hair care because the silicone wraps the hair in a film that prevents its deep hydration.

No sulfates

The foam produced by washing shampoos is the result of the action of sulfates. In the curly girl method they are excluded because they can act "too hard" by drying and damaging the hair.

No wax and mineral oils

Wax and mineral oil are also ingredients that should not be found in curly girl approved products. They are deposited on the hair and their removal is possible only with a sulfate shampoo, a shampoo that is not accepted in the curly girl method.


Alcohol-containing products are contraindicated for naturally curly or wavy hair. Due to the alcohol formula, they dry and degrade the hair over time. Curly or wavy textured hair needs continuous hydration.
SD alcohol, SD alcohol 40 also produce frizz.

If you want to see, if a product is curly girl approved, you can use the following two sites: