Frizzy hair - Causes and solutions!

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Why is hair frizzy ?

Hair electrification or frizz is one of the things we hate when it comes to our hair, especially curly or wavy hair. 
Moisture is the number one cause due to which the hair becomes electrified or in other words becomes frizzy.
Why? If your hair is very dry and lacks the necessary hydration, the hair cuticle becomes rough and the hair will get the hydration it needs from the air. This causes the hair to electrify.
Therefore, if you have curly or wavy hair, you must look for products that moisturize the hair.
The use of a leave in conditioner (without rinsing) is mandatory. To see which conditioner leave in for curly or wavy hair fit you read our article about these curly hair products. You will find there our recommendations and useful tips.
With so many products on the market, which promise to fight frizz, you would say that the problem is almost solved.
But unfortunately this is not the case. Sometimes with as many products as possible you use the problem of electrifying the hair as if it gets worse and does not improve.
The problem may be caused by other factors such as those described below.

Frizzy hair?
Use sulfate shampoos!

without sulfates
Many shampoos on the market contain cleansing agents called sulfates.
The problem is that some of these sulfates are very hard, which causes hair to dry out.
Want to know more about sulfate-free shampoos? We invite you to read our article on this topic.
In short, if you want to combat hair electrification, choosing a sulfate-free shampoo is another solution you can apply.
It is also important how often we wash our hair.
Washing your hair too often may lead to long-term drying.

Do you use hair products that contain alcohol and silicones? 
Result - frizzy hair!

Alcohol-containing hair products can also cause hair to dry out and dry hair to electrify very quickly. Alcohol actually absorbs the moisture so needed by the hair.
You can opt for hair oils or styling creams, which retain moisture and give the hair shine.
As for silicones, they act as a barrier, so the hair cannot absorb the water it needs. Moreover, the use of silicone-containing products can make hair difficult, making it lifeless.
However, if you use products that contain such ingredients, you should use a "clarifying" shampoo to remove these products.

Washing your hair with very hot water results in frizzy hair.

Yes you heard! If you wash your hair with very hot water, you are doing more harm than good. Hot water removes natural oils from the hair, necessary to maintain hair hydration. Properly hydrated hair is the ideal candidate for electrified hair.
And after washing, do not wrap your hair in a towel like a turban. Use a cotton T-shirt or towel microfiber to easily remove excess water from the hair.

Why is hair frizzy ?
You play with him all day!

We all have a tendency, after washing our hair, to touch it, to put our fingers through it.
Well, it is not advisable to do this because we electrify the hair.
Moreover, styling products should be used on very wet hair. Then the hair must be allowed to dry without touching it.
It is advisable that the hair styling process does not take place in a very steamy room.
It is the equivalent of going outside on a cloudy or rainy day. 

Drying process - May cause hair electrification.

Ideally, the hair should be allowed to dry freely, thus preventing its electrification. If you still use a hair dryer, for curly or wavy hair, use it with a diffuser or turn it to the lowest heat level. Also, if you use the straightening plate or have dyed hair, try to use a protective spray first, to avoid dehydrating the hair.

Hair combing - A factor that causes hair electrification. Use a brush for curly hair.

Of course we can't stand with uncombed hair. The problem arises when we comb our hair wrongly.
If you have curly hair, you should comb your hair before washing your hair. Thus the shampoo and other products will be evenly distributed. Use a special brush or comb. In general, curly or wavy hair should not be combed when dry.
On the other hand, if the hair texture allows you to comb your hair on dry hair, then do this from root to tip, as gently as possible. That way you won't have problems with hair electrification.

Perie par cret

What products should we use to prevent a frizzy hair?

Below we recommend certain products for curly and wavy hair but not only, what to help you fight hair electrification.

Shampoo for curly and wavy hair - Secrets de Loly

Curly hair shampoo Perfect Clean is the basis of a good hair care routine. It does not make a lot of foam, it ensures a balance between cleansing the scalp and hair and its hydration level. 
It does not contain silicones, sulfates, alcohol and parabens.

Sampon par cret - Les Secrets de Loly

Conditioner for curly and wavy hair The Mane Choice 

Curly hair conditioner rich in vitamins and nutrients, which helps moisturize the hair. It helps to untangle the hair, gives it shine and helps fight hair electrification.
It is ideal for all hair types.

Balsam par cret si ondulat - The Mane Choice

Gel for curly and wavy hair Activilong 

gel Acticurl Hydra for curly hair it is the perfect solution for long-lasting fixation and defining curls. Can be used for all hair types.
The hair becomes shiny, does not electrify and this gel does not dry or thicken the hair. Contains extracts of dragon fruit, aloe vera and vegetable glycerin.
No parabens, no silicones, no mineral oils.

Gel par cret si ondulat - Activilong

Electrified hair? Not with cream for curly and wavy hair Aunt Jackie's

Aunt Jackie's cream (custard) provides a definition of the duration of curls. The product moisturizes the curls, without leaving the sensation of crust or residue on the hair. Helps fight hair electrification.

Crema par cret - Aunt Jackie's

Electrified hair is no longer a problem with curly and wavy hair serum - Activilong 

Hydra Acticurl Serum for curly hair, it defines curls, fights frizz and gives the hair shine without making it heavy.
Its non-greasy formula creates a barrier around the hair, preventing it from dehydrating.

Ser par cret si ondulat - Activilong

The ideal ally against electrifying foam hair for curly and wavy hair - Frizz Free - Shea Moisture

This foam for curly hair it shapes natural curls and ensures extra volume, without making it difficult to style. Coconut oil moisturizes the hair and prevents it from breaking. The natural ingredients as well as the silk protein leave the hair soft.
It also helps fight hair electrification.

Spuma par cret - Shea Moisture

Get rid of electrified hair with curly and wavy hair foam from The Mane Choice

Foam for curly and wavy hair from The Mane Choice is the ideal solution for defined curls and volume hair. Gives hair shine, and thanks to its ingredients such as vitamins E, D and C protects the hair.

Spuma par cret - The Mane Choice

Curly and wavy hair gel - Jessicurl 

Spiralicious Styling Gel is a curly hair gel that is indicated for all hair types. Gives hair hold throughout the day and combats its electrification. It has a high level of fixation.
Contains jojoba oil, which makes the hair easier to style but also offers protection against the harmful action of the hair plate or hair dryer.

Gel par cret si ondulat - Jessicurl

Curly and wavy hair gel - Activilong

Curly hair gel Sculpting Strength, enriched with olive and avocado oil is ideal for shaping hair. This gel does not dry the hair due to its alcohol-free formula.

Gel par cret si ondulat - Activilong

Curly and wavy hair gel - Les Secrets de Loly

Curly hair gel Boost Curl it has a double action: it moisturizes the hair and helps to define and wrinkle it.
It can be used for all hair types and does not leave the unpleasant sensation of crust. Contains provitamin B5 which helps prevent hair breakage. It is useful in combating hair electrification.

Gel par cret - Les Secrets de Loly

Curly and wavy hair gel - Camille Rose

Curly and wavy hair gel from Camille Rose is a curly girl approved product due to its ingredients. Defines curls and combats hair electrification. It does not leave the unpleasant sensation of the crust and has a double action, because it also contains aloe vera and helps to moisturize the hair.

Gel par cret - Camille Rose

Curly and wavy hair spray - The Mane Choice

This hair spray curly and wavy hair from The Mane Choice it has a double action. 
Refreshes curls, moisturizes and combats hair electrification. It is used on dry hair.
It can also be used on wet hair before using other styling products. Helps improve the elasticity of curls and their definition.

Spray pentru par cret si ondulat - The Mane Choice

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