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What curly hair products is recommended to use from Jessicurl if you have type 2C curly hair

Curly hair type 2C then takes the shape of an S, is very prone to electrification and is resistant when it comes to styling.

Jessicurl recommends the following products for this type of hair.

Shampoo by chalk - Jessicurl

It is a shampoo for curly hair, which comes in the form of a cream. It does not create a lot of foam, so it can be considered a mix between cowash and low poo. Gently cleanses hair but at the same time does not dehydrate it. Contains avocado oil, which helps moisturize the hair.

Clay balm - Jessicurl

Too Shea curly hair conditioner, although it has a thick consistency, moisturizes the hair without loading it. It can also be used as a conditioner without rinsing for those who want more intense hydration. Its ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil and aloe vera are a real treat for the hair.

Styling solution - Jessicurl

If you need a product to help curl your hair and define curls then you have found the winning product. This product has a very liquid consistency but is ideal for people with wavy and fine hair. Gives hair texture and volume, defines curls and helps fight frizz. The level of fixation is low.

Gel by chalk - Jessicurl

This curly hair gel that can be used for all hair types. The feeling of "crunch" can be easily removed after the hair has dried, it becomes very soft to the touch. Ideal for fighting frizz. It has a high level of fixation.

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